Area offers to visitors tracks of lengths from 400 m, 1,5 km, 2,5 km, 3,3 km to 5 km with variety of difficulty, width 6 to 10 meters and certification for organizing races of Slovak cup and Slovak national championship. Part of area is central stadium which size is 40 m x 170 m and contains 400 m long track for beginners. All tracks are groomed for classical and freestyle (skate) technique according to actual weather, snow and track conditions multiple times during the week. There are also hiking trails, which lead to villages, that are near area and to Levočské mountains. Trails offer beautiful view of Spiš Castle, High Tatras, Hornádska basin and Levočské mountains.

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5 km trail

3,3 km trail

2,5 km trail

1,3 km trail


5 km

3,3 km

2,5 km

1,3 km

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